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Well let us start by saying I am not a full-on Crypto Expert, and I do not give financial advice, all my posts are through hard work, mistakes, and blowing my brains out, but I have gained some great knowledge along “The Crypto Journey”.

So where did it all start?

As far as my research goes, it would appear the first crypto coin of any note came into being in 2009, yes you have guessed it was Bitcoin. A very mysterious birth, as the true owner or owners have never made known their identities, it is generally believed that the person is called Satoshi Nakamoto. This is also believed to be the start or creation of blockchain technologies, followed by decentralised currencies.

The Cryptocurrency Market Getting Going.

Like many things in the crypto market, they start of slow, this was certainly no different for Bitcoin, the obvious conspiracy theories, the doubters, and disbelievers.
In 2011 to early 2013 a breakthrough came when Bitcoin reached a financial level with the US Dollar, the crypto market at that time only had 10 coins, or assets. To name a few, Litecoin was one of the famous 10, plus the now beleaguered XRP Ripple became No 11.

The ranks then steadily started to grow, mainly playing follow the leader, Bitcoin was the first to lead, and still does, many have tried to depose the “The Big One” and failed.

Bitcoin stands at 58,898.00 USD, you can track this and many other coins here on:

If you want to search other coins? just put the coin in the search box, and off you go.

By the way on Coingecko, I believe this site to be great for tracking your assets, and you will find around 6570 assets in various classes, and markets to choose from.

As with any financial market it is down to you to do your own due diligence, check out all the facts and analysis before you take the plunge, a lot to learn, and a lot to burn, you can burn money in the crypto space faster than you can print it, believe me, “I wrote the book”.

Where do I keep my coins/assets?

To simplify it you keep them in a online bank account, or wallet. A wallet is not something you can just whip out your back pocket, it is a highly mechanised digital coin carrier. The wallet market again is huge, some off the leaders in this field are Trezor, and Nano Ledger, highly secure if you abide by the guidelines, your assets will stay with you, abuse the rules and your assets could be lost forever. Back up passwords, security keys and all will be good, remembering to make back up copies on paper, or on USB Drives Sticks which should be removed once you have transferred or removed the information you are looking for.

*** On thing on wallets, never ever buy from anywhere else than the manufacturer, we live in a dark World where things can appear good, but like all things electronic that hold information, these can be hacked, “I say buyer beware”.

Who is The Top Ten Today (30 03 2021)

1: Bitcoin, 2: Ethereum, 3: Binance Coin, 4: Tether, 5: Cardano, 6: Polkadot, 7: XRP, 8: Uniswap, 9: Litecoin, 10, Theta Network, now I know I said Top 10, well here is another gem, Chainlink, why? I just love this coin, I believe it has a huge future, again due diligence, do not take my word for it.

What is Next, or What is the Next Big Thing?

Well, it’s arrived, NFT’s, Non-Fungible Tokens. You may ask? What the heck is this all about, well to be honest this is new technology to me,I am not absolutely up to speed, but, some of the biggest football teams, American football teams, pop stars, super stars of film and stage own these things.

Go here, this gives the whole nine yards on NFT’s.

We do not own the rights to this article.

In my opinion here are some coins ready to move. (These are again not recommendations; it is just what I feel may happen, if the right market trends appear).

I am giving you the abbreviated Symbol you will find at places like or

Coins to Watch Out For: (these are not in any priority as to popularity or value)



Set a Budget and Do Not Break the Bank.

As I have mentioned in all my information above, tread with caution, use your brains, and lastly never use money you need to pay your household bills, food, and cloths for the kids. In other words, just be careful as it is easy to get sucked in, we all suffer from a bit of greed, but remember that your assets can go Up or Down.

I hope you enjoy my post, but please as with all financial markets, there are sharks lurking in the shallow water waiting to pick you off, follow all due diligence, gain financial education, education is vital in this space.

Do Not be Shark Bait!

It will not have a happy ending, follow all guidelines.

Please Enjoy the Crypto Space.

Regards, Dave Plummer.


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