Linking Businesses Today
for a Greener Tomorrow


Only £6.49pm to be a member of the LinkU family

LinkU Created for Professionals Who Care.

When you’re busy it is sometimes difficult to pull yourself away to drive to an event. Maybe something has just happened that requires your attention, and by the time you have dealt with the issue, it’s too late to make the meeting.

LinkU is all about being greener, but it also has some great things about it. It is not like any other networking. It allows for debates! Some of our meetings are there for us to discuss very important topics on the environment, business and trade in general.

As a member, you get to choose the subjects covered. As we grow LinkU will further support you, your staff and your family to improve your green footprint. This could lead to more opportunities as the supply chain embraces green initiatives, and those who adopt them.

At LinkU we understand the busy pace of professionals, which is why we came up with the concept we have. A simple and effective way to widen your network without the drain on your most important commodity – time!

As LinkU continues to grow there will be even more opportunities to broaden your network further.



  • You will have the opportunity to discuss topics and help find solutions. You will be able to have a say that really counts.
  • You will meet other business owners and leaders from across the country.
  • You will increase both the breadth and depth of your network and grow your corporate reach.
  • You will promote your brand and USP’s to a new and ever-expanding audience while gaining valuable insights and knowledge from other successful professionals.
  • You will meet your new contacts all the time as the network grows, allowing you to create strong and lasting business relationships.
  • You will help the environment, help start saving the predicament we find ourselves in, and save time and money by not commuting to join your networking team. You could attend every meeting over the entire year and your computer will still produce less CO2e than driving to just one meeting.

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