Linking Businesses Today
for a Greener Tomorrow

LinkU Mission Statement

Bringing People Together in an “Eco Friendly Way”

The LinkU Mission Statement

Our aim is to facilitate the bringing of businesses together in an eco-friendly and cost effective way through the use of modern technology.

How do we achieve this?

Through technology! Who could have imagined that since the World’s first mobile phone call was made on April 3 1973 by Martin Cooper, a senior engineer at Motorola, we would be able to connect by the touch of a button, making calls around the World in a millisecond. Well now we can, and isn’t it amazing!


Without the advancment in technology where would our businesses be today. The change in pace to an immediate world brings both benefits and problems. I need an answer now! this sort of environment causes stress, something which we can avoid and do without.

How many times have you found yourself signing up to attend an event only to find that something has taken priority and you just cannot be bothered, it’s not so much the attending it is the getting out of your environment to travel the 30 minutes or so, when it’s not really that important.

This is why LinkU is so good, you don’t have to leave your environment, you don’t have to put fuel in the car, you’re already at the meeting, so sit back relax and enjoy!

A gathering of businesses from all spheres and backgrounds!

Large and small companies, brought together through a no boundaries approach, you are the one the only one of your business type in your group.

You are comfortable in your own environment, your own space no need to rush, just relax.

Time for a change! 

What if there was a way, a new way?

LinkU may just have the solution for you.

how do we deliver

Through the power of techonlogy with real-time video meetings. Each business finds itself in a group of up to a maximum of twenty five other businesses. All different types and from different areas of the country, providing peace of mind that you are truly engaging with new businesses, making great new connections and building a wider network. Who knows where it will lead!

All meetings are at pre-determined times, you’ll be offered a group which suits the best time for you.


How much does it all cost

We have kept our costs down to enable you to enjoy every meeting. By taking away the need to travel we also provide great savings, no more fuel costs and no extra time in travelling. Please view the services page for up to date prices.

 ICO Reference No: ZA760186

LinkU is a trading name of Link U Today Ltd 

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