Linking Businesses Today
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Linku policy and meetings

“The Greener Network”

May I extend our welcome to you here at LinkU.

Please digest the information on this page, it is with your best interests at heart that we ask you to read it throughout.

We want you to get the best out of your networking with us, these simple rules will help you do this.


Focus of the networking

We want all members to get the most from their group. To achieve this, we run a casual but structured agenda.

  1. We do not ask you to bring referrals, this is not a referral network group.
  2. We are happy though for businesses to discuss opportunities and pass business to each other, we do not track this though and it is not a requisite for remaining a member.

Code of Practice

  • We offer services of high quality, and at a fixed reasonable cost.
  • We offer to help promote good practice throughout our membership.
  • We offer a service, in some cases at long distance, via the internet.

The Policy of LinkU

  • Within LinkU we will allow one profession per area in a group.
  • We allow only one business per area in a group.

We allow members to request a change of group, this maybe because of conflict. If an agreement is reached, it will be with agreement of all parties.

  1. Should anyone within our membership have an issue within a group, it must be reported by email, or after a networking session to the LinkU staff.
  2. Our networking sessions will be held at predetermined dates & times, see timetable for correct session times. (these are shown on our website:
  3. It is advised that you attend all meetings to get the most out of your membership, this allows others to do the same. If you miss three consecutive meetings then your group will need a reason why and you may be asked to leave the group. There are no refunds if this is the case.
  4. From time to time our policies may change, this will be available on our website.
  5. We will allow the use of the LinkU logo’s, on any email, website or printed material for the sole use of your business. You do not require permission for this, all logos will be available within our website. You are not permitted to cross sell or distribute the logo for profit in anyway without strict permission in writing from LinkU management.
  6. Your lodgement fee will be taken by credit or debit card. As a forward thinking business we believe we are one of the first in the UK to offer a variety of payment methods for further payments via direct debit after invoice, or uniquely by Crypto via, Bitcoin, Ethereum. Payments will be collected by Internationally recognised payment intermediaries. We do not accept cheques or cash
  7. LinkU will not tolerate foul language, or abuse toward other group members or staff. Any abuse will result in immediate removal from groups and the loss of any funds still held.
  8. LinkU have the right to cancel a membership, should a member fall outside the company policy, the final decision will be made by LinkU management and is final.
  9. All policies will be fully authorised by LinkU management.

We charge an initial lodgement fee of £25 to secure your place in a group. This is followed by an initial fee of £80.00 for the first three months a total of £105.00.
We then provide a option of paying quarterly for a fee of £105.00 or monthly for a fee of £45.00.

Format of a meeting

  1. Open meeting
  2. Introduction from LinkU team
  3. Members general chat 10 minutes
    1. During this time members have an opportunity to engage and chat between themselves before the more formal part of the agenda.
  4. Member weekly presentation
    1. Each member gets up to 45 seconds to tell the group what they are looking for.
  5. Member spotlight
    1. This is an opportunity for a group member to showcase their business over a ten-minute slot.
  6. Group Huddles
    1. This is when the group is split into smaller groups and asked to provide a success or challenge they have had that week.
  7. Break into rooms for 1 – 2 – 1
  8. Close meeting

A meeting should last for between one hour and one hour fifteen minutes.

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