Linking Businesses Today
for a Greener Tomorrow

Life Management 

People who know me will have realised I can “talk the hind legs off a donkey” if let wild on the general public, all with good intentions of course.

But with all that chat, there is some serious stuff/issues as well. Personal decisions are your very own perspective on how you manage your day-to-day life. I personally get up early every morning, usually around 4/5am. You may think I’m mad, well maybe I am? I have breakfast, something like tomatoes on toast or maybe beans, or even a bit of both. 

You may ask why? 

Well, I will abbreviate the story. For some time I have suffered Tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears) sometimes called “Night Club Ears”. I am in my 60’s so remember the heady days of banging night clubs, coming outside to hardly hear a thing, numbed by the alcohol I had just filled me and the lads with, wow the good old days. Now however, it’s all about looking after myself so that I can look after others. 

Isn’t life stressful right now? 

Life management is vital in these times, I guess when times are tough we look to friendships, to our closest family, it is certainly a good start, as we have an insight into what makes them tick.

I have found in business sometimes that partnerships are frowned upon, but I feel in many cases they have a place. Yes, there is obvious friction within them, but we have to use our skill sets to our best ability, we all hold a speciality, so it’s best to focus on this, and get the best out of yourself. Plus one person can’t do everything.

So where is all this going? I am trying to make the point that two heads are better than one, partnerships can grow through delegation of skill set, we’re not all knowledgeable about everything, even if we think we are.

Collaborate, because this way “together we prosper”. 

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