Linking Businesses Today
for a Greener Tomorrow

So, we are coming out of Covid 1 Imprisonment, gradually.

How can we support local businesses?

Well, this is what Mike Cherry of The Federation of Small Businesses said.
“We’d encourage all shoppers to please consider your local small businesses as first port of call over the coming weeks. Go on their websites, check their social media and give them a buzz to see how you can support. They need you now more than ever.”

Mike Cherry – FSB National Chairman

Here are my thoughts on how we could support local businesses:
Why don’t we make a promise to stay local, shop local, instead of going out of postcode, stay within your own area, book a table for a meal, see if the shop you like has a website. Do not forget, also leaving reviews on social media is an excellent way to promote local, a great review can be an excellent reward from yourself to the business, reviews are what helps spread the word.
Let us not forget our high streets, locally we have some busheling shops, selling everything for candles to boutique clothing, horse riding gear to top fashion. Stay local and give it a go!
Start to follow businesses on social media, many are offering superb deals, discounts far and above the norm, dangling that carrot to tempt you into their stores and shops.
Why shop small?

This is really important, what you are doing by staying small, you are boosting the local economy, employing local people, you are then helping local business grow organically, using local people, and buying local produce, you are not funding some conglomerate directors bank balance, a local win win. Add to this a fantastic shopping experience.

Local businesses thrive on your suggestions from customers. Just make a suggestion to the owner, they will consider it too see if its viable, hey you might even get a free gift, or coffee gift voucher if they use your idea.
We all have to remember, small business owners have been under tremendous pressure over the last 15/16 months, obviously some will not come out the other side, but like all business arena’s there are winners and losers, you will find the strong survive, the weak will try and evolve into something revamped, or even rebrand into a different market.

As a businessman I have mutated over the years into different roles, but always stayed local, having family in the north east has kept me motivated to keep local, do my best local, “I am a local”.

Why not give me your local success story, we have an enormous wealth of local talent here in Teesside, recently backed up by the UK Government setting up a Head Quarters for The prestigious office of The Treasury in Darlington, our own Mayor of Teesside Ben Houchen securing The new “Freeport” within Tees Dock, British Steel site at Redcar being levelled to create a brand new industrial centre for technical advancement and innovation, all excellent pointers to bring prosperity back to Teesside and the North East.

Being local, and staying local is only one way of bringing our economy back to pre-covid levels, our businesses need your support, please show them “a bit of love”.

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