Linking Businesses Today
for a Greener Tomorrow

Drive more business

through a wider network

engage with others across the UK using the power of modern technology

LinkU has launched and is running groups now.

We are just updating the site with a new message so please keep following us


A Greener way to Networking

With a great opportunity for business to connect together across the country from the comfort of your own surroundings. No rushing to make the meeting, no fuel costs, or losing time due to travel. It’s effective, easy and Greener!

If you think this would be a great way for your business to widen its network then this is for you. It does not impact on any other referral-based organisation as this is about working together and helping each other. It is about widening your network beyond your local area.

There is only one type of business allowed in a group, so rest assured you are not chatting to others in your industry.

You will be the only business from your area within a group, so you will not be engaging with businesses you can easily meet at local networking events.

 ICO Reference No: ZA760186

LinkU is a trading name of Link U Today Ltd 

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