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LinkU, who, why what?

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Who, Why & What!



LinkU the who, Why & What!

LinkU came about after visiting many networking groups and listening to the attendees. There are great events out there and some, well, not so great! Around 70% of those we spoke to said, every time they visit they are meeting the same people all the time, and they want to expand their reach.

Many mentioned that they sometimes miss meetings, as they are too busy, or well it doesn’t matter if I don’t make it.

They also mentioned travelling, sometimes when they were busy, that drive was just too much.

Negatives maybe, but there are lots of positives from networking, meeting people, building up relationships and increasing the awareness of your brand.

So why LinkU?

We wanted to allow people to grow their network outside of their normal area. To be able to network without the hassle of leaving the office, travelling for 30 minutes, then back again after. To remove that feeling of I can’t be bothered, as you are sat in the comfort of your normal surrounding.

This is why LinkU came to be! The great thing is it is more eco-friendly, a greener way to Network.

Total Car Footprint = 0.02 tonnes of CO2e for 60 miles of travel based on an average diesel car.

A Computer generates 0.03 kg of CO2e over a 90 minute meeting

You could run your computer for every meeting over an entire year and still produce less CO2e than driving to one meeting. 

Modern GREEN Networking

LinkU provides an opportunity for people to expand the reach of their network, to join like minded businesses across the entire country via the power of the internet.

You would be the only type of business within your group, you would be the only business from your area within your group.

No meeting up with people you regularly do in the local area. Build great relationships with others around the country.


How much does it all cost

We have kept our costs down to enable you to enjoy every meeting. By taking away the need to travel we also provide great savings, no more fuel costs and no extra time in travelling. Please view the services page for up to date prices.

 ICO Reference No: ZA760186

LinkU is a trading name of Link U Today Ltd 

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