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Sustainable Business Charter

The Sustainable Business Charter provides businesses a vehicle to show they are taking action, it helps LinkU to the planet.

LinkU is a networking opportunity with a difference.

Businesses come together and discuss issues, have their viewpoint and provides LinkU with a voice to lobby for change.

“The Sustainable Business Charter” is a not-for-profit based platform that will use funds generated to take on projects for our environment. Each project is determined by the members, all accounting is totally transparent an open so that each member can see where their money has been spent.

“The Sustainable Business Charter” takes an historic view of how change happens within the world. All major changes have been brought about by the will of the people. Governments do not make change it is the people.

LinkU brings together the Charter and businesses with one goal in mind, to spread the word to get more businesses and therefore human beings talking to stop us hiding from the issues we face.

LinkU provides the platform to bring together businesses with a common interest and in doing so also provides businesses with opportunities to grow with likeminded people.

The choice is ours to make.

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