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Developing an Energy Saving Business

Developing an Energy Saving Business 

Innovation has most defiantly seen some fantastic leaps and bounds over the last 20 years, we just have to look at our day to day lives for evidence of this. 

I guess it was inevitable innovation would come to us through wanting to save energy, so how will this affect our market place, and what we are trying to achieve? 


After many years of network marketing (slightly different to networking) it brought home to me how our market could change. I had become disillusioned, even very tired of the commute, both in the planning how to get to an event, 2.2 kids, the wife/girlfriend, they need our only car, and all this after a day at work. 

Things have to change, as many businesses strive to be Carbon Neutral, making changes to a business, and its internal structure have now taken priority for many. This is also where I am heading. 

Going Green, Why? 

For me, surely we all have a moral responsibility, one instance, at home my girlfriend would just put everything in the bin, I am a recycler, so therefore sift through everything before the bin, call me stupid, but I know in the long run it will have to take place in every household, for it to become mainstream. Surely it is part of our legacy can we call it, if we do it now, it will benefit future generations. 

So there we have it, what’s your thought’s on green, where could it fit into your business? 

Dave Plummer 

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