Linking Businesses Today
for a Greener Tomorrow

We’re All About You.

We take the hassle out of networking, to give you back more time, while expanding the breadth and depth of your network.

We Created LinkU for You.

After attending many networking events during their professional careers, the founders of LinkU discovered they were always meeting the same people, and that their network had stopped expanding. They were also hearing the same complaints over and over again from their fellow attendees.

Everyone agreed that they had made some great connections and a number of longstanding business relationships but they wanted to keep meeting new people and expand their corporate reach beyond their local area.

Other common complaints included:

“I often miss meetings because I’m just too busy to fit in the thirty-minute round trip”.

I would like to attend more meetings, but they are too early and I have the kids to drop off at school, so I can’t get there in time”.

“I know I should network more, but sometimes it feels like such a hassle and I can’t be bothered”.

Never miss a networking meeting again,
because with LinkU you can join your group meeting from anywhere in the world.

The Solution is LinkU.

We remove the barriers associated with traditional networking groups. With LinkU you will grow your reach across the entire country because your exclusive group will only include professionals from a different geographical area.

We eliminate the hassle of leaving the office for that thirty minute round trip, and our meetings always start mid-morning after school drop off.

We remove that feeling of knowing you should network more but can’t be bothered, because with LinkU you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home or office, wherever that might be …….

LinkU Gives You More at only £6.49 per month

Every LinkU subscription gives members exclusive access to all meeting formats, each with its own unique features and benefits that help you to enhance the breadth and depth of your network.

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